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Video course by the Artist Bodega

If you watch children as they create, you will began to understand that they are fierce creators.  Give them anything in which they can draw, color or paint with and their entire universe becomes consumed in the creative.  They have no fear.  They have no insecurities.  They don't care what you think and do not want to be disturbed in any way when they are deep in their creative realm.  I call this realm Eden.  To them, dragons and Unicorns are real.  They still believe in a wonderful, magical world where they truly belong.  In short, I found my way back to Eden.

Join me on a magical journey and we will explore Eden and so much more.  If you find this compelling then please pre-register for this video course.  We will find your lost child together. 

Do you find yourself dreaming of becoming a successful artist selling

most everything you create?

Can you see yourself selling your art at music/art festivals across the country...selling out at every show?

Would you like to learn how to get your art into Wineries, Breweries, Galleries and most places people gather?

In this course you will learn:

1.  How to return to Eden and discover unlimited creativity, inspiration & imagination.

2.  How to use intense color schemes

that explode with life, emotion & energy.


2.  How to stand out at every show and get all of the attention.

3.  How to price your art to sell.

4.  How to keep your cost to a minimum and maximize your profits.

5.  How to live & enjoy a creative life and sometimes moving in caravan from festival to festival in the company of other gypsies.


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