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An Amazing Journey

Imagine for a moment, you spent 5 years in end-stage renal failure, on dialysis and with frequent trips to the hospital.  One day a call arrives, and you have an organ transplant.  A new life surely has begun.  In time, you realize things are very different indeed.  Now you can see a vibrancy and intensity in color as if you are breathing it and you are composing music as if out of thin air.  You can see color and music in the same flow, understanding layers and complexities never before considered.  Welcome to my world. 

Realms to Explore


Word of God Zeal

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So Much More to offer than Just to Walk

Imagine if you will, shoes inspired and designed from a 1200-year-old Illuminated Manuscript of the four Gospels of Jesus Christ called the Book of Kells. Beautiful imagery along with Vulgate Latin lettering make for an astonishing and unique approach to footwear.   Imagine again wearing the written Word of God on your feet every Latin.  

Ephesians 6:15

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