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When color comes alive and dances in your imagination.  When it sings a song of light and possibility, capturing your emotions to where you realize that words have failed.  Then, you truly have discovered a new language that only your soul can interpret.  

I have always been creative.  From reveling in a new coloring book as a small child to finding myself in an endless pursuit of the creative throughout my adult life.  Looking back, which one tends to do as one gets older, I realized that in all my adventures, all my endeavors and every single day I observed this amazing world through the eyes of an artist.

I was an entrepreneur for most of my adult life.  Fiercely independent and impelled by a purely creative drive to manifest what I could imagine.  It was an insatiable desire to bring to life that which only existed within the possibilities of dreaming the impossible and taking risk.

Art, as a full-time occupation didn't take place until after I retired at 54.  I found myself with an abundance of time and began to wander deep into the waters of creative expression through painting.  As of this date, I have had the pleasure of many opportunities to travel across the country, displaying and selling my paintings.  I have enjoyed a successful journey that no other endeavor taken could ever hope to achieve.   

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