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Dreams / Visions

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It was a few years ago, maybe four when I began to have the wildest, vibrant and realistic dreams I have ever encountered.  I can remember watching as my ceiling became filled with light, color and living spiritual things.  I saw good and I saw evil and could distinguish the difference in my spirit.  It felt like I was in-between, neither asleep or awake, I always felt protected and loved so fear was non-existent.  As a very abstract individual, I found great pleasure in all the color, movement and a never-ending cast of characters.  This lasted a few months.

I will try to describe for you some of the most amazing experiences I have had in the spirit.

Dream 1 - A Dream of Jesus

In this four-part dream, something remarkable happened that I am still processing to this day.

Part 1

I am always asking the Lord to free me from my body so that I could spend a freer time in His presence.  What I mean by this is imagine your time with the Lord without other thoughts intruding or just the aches and pains of life invading into that sacred place.  I prefer no interruptions when I am alone with God.

I awoke in mid-flight.  I was being carried, with an arm over my chest and holding me tight.  I looked out and saw universes, endless streams of light, beauty and the glory of the living God.  I saw huge red plumes and vast star fields.  I knew immediately who had me.  I started proclaiming the glory of God, shouting and filled with such life as I have never felt before.  I could look-up and see the face of Jesus as he carried me, perfect peace and calm.

We simply landed in a beautiful green meadow, soft with light and a quiet, sumptuous beauty.  I remember looking around and seeing a tree line and then noticed a pathway through the trees.  The Lord was in front and motioned for me to follow.  He said he wanted to introduce me to some friends of His.  As I followed, I was on a trail walking with the creator of all things.  We came to a clearing that opened up into a front yard.  To my right was a long stretch of grass with its own tree line and simplistic beauty.  

To my left was a house that seemed to have been there forever.  It had simply grown into all that was around it.  There was a squat, middle eastern looking man in the front yard.  You could tell he was waiting for the Lord to arrive because he couldn't hide his excitement.  At this point, he hadn't seen me.  As I peered around from the back of the Lord, he saw me and immediately was in shock and jumped back a couple of steps.  The Lord was so calming and said he wanted to introduce a friend of His.  He then introduced me as Jeffrey, my first name, as His friend.  His words, not mine.

A younger man came around from the back and was so glad to see the Lord.  I was so calm and felt pure, a purity I have never known in this life.

Part 2

I found myself again in a wide opened field. I remember how soft the light was and there was a rhythmic movement in the wind.  The Lord was riding a horse.  I was marveling at this because He seemed to take such pleasure in riding.  He rode across the field and ended up walking His horse upstream through a small creek with water and covered in smooth stones.  I remember thinking that the Lord needed to be careful,  those stones looked wet and slippery.  The Lord never said a word in this segment.  He wanted me to see Him on His horse and the simple pleasure He took riding it.  Simple as that.  

Part 3

My favorite.  We again are on a path and once again come upon a very humble and peaceful home.  This home also just seemed to be a part of everything else.  Simple, calm and very peaceful.  We approach the house and begin to walk up about four steps to what appeared to be a screened in porch.  A most beautiful woman came to the door.  She was very excited to see the Lord and was not shocked at all in seeing me.  The Lord again introduced me as His friend Jeffrey.  We were there to have lunch and the woman's name was Mary (Magdalene I think...)  Black hair and a face beyond beauty that was graced with absolute peace and joy.  As we were walking in, that part of the dream ended.

Now, I have relived these moments as I have had to process what happed and have asked the Lord what had happened when we went into Mary's house.  Here's what He showed me a few months later.  When I was about 12, I was walking home from my grandmothers and saw another kid my age playing in a well-worn yard that was completely green and covered with flowers and such.  I walked over, introduced myself and we hit it right off.

He invited me in telling me this was his grandmother's house, so we cruised through the front door and into a very comfortable and lived in home.  His grandmother came around from the kitchen and was glad to see us.  We sat at the couch, just hanging out when she brought us sandwiches and drink.  We eventually sat on the floor eating our sandwich from the coffee table.  We then made our way to the backyard, which was completely covered in old trees, flower beds, dusty corners.  I loved it.  it was so peaceful and quite as we sat, talked and played.  It is by far, one of my favorite memories.

When I asked the Lord what we had done when we went into Mary's house this is what He showed me.  We just hung out.  Simple as that.  I never saw that kid again or his grandmother.

Part 4

I was aware that I was in a city.  Buildings, streets and people.  I remember hearing two men talking about a particular thing they were working on.  One of the gentlemen said clearly that they should go and ask the Son of God what to do.  That was so cool.  I stepped from a building and looked across the city and I saw the Lord walking with intent and purpose.  He was now very tall, towering above the buildings and I saw Him as He was attending to those around Him.

I eventually meandered over to a bridge that was built over a river that was running through the city.  I walked across the bridge, and it seemed to arch from both ends.  I came across a large wooden crate that was filled with locks.  Lots of them.  They didn't look like locks, but I knew what they were.  I put my hand into the box retrieving a lock for closer inspection and the Lord simply walked up behind me and asked me what I was doing.  I tried to say something funny but felt considering the circumstances it would be best not to.

That's when that series of dreams ended.  It all happened in the same night.  I remember praying and asking God to make me pure.  I desired to love the Lord from a pure heart simple as that.  He showed Himself to me pure and to be absolutely filled with life and love.

Mathew 5:8

Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God.

Dream 2 - An Anointing that Evil Cannot Touch

I was in a curio shop filled with antiques and other things of value.  I walked up to a counter that was small when a bookish looking man came from the back and asked if I needed assistance.  I was just looking around and motioned that I was ok at the moment.  I then walked out and took a left down what appeared to be a dirty city street with some abandoned buildings.  I walked a couple of blocks when I stopped and began to ascend wooden stairs up through a particular building.  It was dark, the wood was old and creaky.  I landed on a flat and walked through an open doorway.

The first thing I saw was an abandoned room, no furniture and a very large hole in the middle of the floor.  There was eerie lights emanating from the hole and I could hear something shuffling around. I walked over to the hole to peer down and see if anyone was there.  I felt immediate evil and knew for certain that the demonic was everywhere.  As I looked into the hole, a massive winged, long beaked creature flew up through the hole and began to physically attack me.  I felt no fear, so I reached out and grabbed it by its neck as it was trying to bite me.  As I squeezed, its eyes were bulging out and I was thinking I was about to go 3 Stooges on this thing and poke its eyes out.

Next thing I knew I had entered a very dark room with enough ambient light that would let you distinguish enough to navigate the room.  Sitting on the floor with its back against the wall was a disheveled looking man.  Dark and evil in every way imaginable.  He was cussing and very angry and upset.  He was screaming and slamming his fist on the floor in frustration.  He kept saying over and over: "I can't touch him; he has an anointing of God on him."

As I walked out of the building, I took a right and saw a funny looking person on a corner. I stopped, chatted and went my way back to the Curio shop.  The bookish man had come out and inquired if I had found what I was looking for.  This part is a little hazy, but it is what I can recall from the dream.  And of course, I had found what I was looking for in the anointing power provided by the Lord.

Dream 3 - Wine and Bread

Dreams and visions typically feel like you're someplace else.  You can't tell if you are awake or asleep.  The intensity itself is remarkable and they can have a long-lasting effect on you because they happen in the Spirit. In this particular dream, I am standing and directly Infront of me is an elderly, peasant looking woman with a black cloth covering her head.

She was working very diligently at a wooden table making bread.  She was absolutely focused into her work as I stood there and was enjoying watching her work.  She got her little loaf that she had just baked, turned around and grabbed a glass of wine and sat both on the table and looked directly into my eyes not saying a word.  She wouldn't quit staring at me, so I asked her who the bread and wine was for.

She said simply that she had made them for me.  That caught my attention immediately.  I just asked why and she replied in no uncertain terms that I would need them on my journey.

Dream 4 - Which Path to Choose.

I typically walk 3 or 4 miles every day and have done so for the last 30 years wherever I've been in the world.  I have lived on Lake Superior for the last seven years. The rugged beauty, deep forest and dark cold shadows that are so refreshing if the weather happens to be warm create the most wonderful solitude that an artist can ask for.  In this particular vision, I was certainly awake and found myself in the Spirit standing on a pathway.  I just kept walking taking in sights and sounds when I came to a fork in the path.  You could venture right, or you'd take the left path, simply your choice to make.

My initial intention was to take the path to the right, it just felt familiar.  I took a couple of steps forward and stopped.  I knew I was to take the left path, but I still felt the familiarity of the other pathway.  I let that go and started walking along the left pathway and all of a sudden everything around me started blooming.  There was an explosion of life and growth.  Beauty and color were like an avalanche.  I felt so alive and free.  I stopped, turned back to look at the path that I had initially been on and discovered with shock that it was all burnt ashes.  All black and brutal.  Everything of beauty was stripped away and burned.  There was nothing left.  I then looked at the pathway on the right and saw the same...burnt ash.

Why did it all seem so normal and familiar when I was on that path only to discover it was as dead as dead can be. 

I have had other experiences in the Spirit and know that there is an urgency like there's never been.

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