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Word Of God Zeal

I had just completed a 5-month show tour in Florida where every weekend was consumed with setting up and presenting my art to the public.  That was a total of 21 shows one after the other.  Not living in Florida, I eventually found myself staying at a Kampgrounds of America during the week occupying a small cabin that substituted for home and studio.  Due to selling almost everything I painted, I was having to paint each week for the upcoming show.


After returning home, I found myself completely exhausted and decided to just not paint for a while.  Living in a beautiful place right off the shores of Lake Superior, I would rise early each morning and walk along the beach and venture into the deep green forest enveloped in a wonderous quite solitude with God.  I have tried to do this wherever I found myself in the world for the last 30 years.  

It was during one of these early morning walks with God I began to hunger for something deeper and more meaningful.  While ultimately amazed at the life I was given to live as an artist, I was set on a course of a new discovery.  The idea of WOGZ materialized after a very fruitful and creative time I experienced in looking to venture into apparel and other mediums for my original art.  It was then I discovered the Book of Kells.

An illuminated manuscript in Latin, containing the four Gospels of the New Testament, it is believed to have been created c. 800 AD.  The text of the Gospels is largely drawn from the Vulgate and is beautifully decorated with amazing illustrations and quite simply is a work of impeccable art.

I immediately felt a creative force welling up within me and I began to create.  To me, this experience is like sharing in the Divine Nature.  I humbly admit that I take no credit for this work and enthusiastically give God all the glory due to His name.  In time, art was created from the Book of Kells and I began to design shoes.  These Good News Shoes represent the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  They are creative, stylish and so unique that everyone that sees them wants a pair for themselves or for someone they know. 

When you wear a pair of WOGZ you are wearing the written Word of God on your feet.

This channel is coming soon!
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